Hello People of Tumblr!!!

My name is Cecily Brown. I am a Film and Photography student at Ithaca College, graduating early in December. 

As I am graduating I am in the middle of making both a thesis film and a thesis photography exhibition (more on the latter to come later).

PLEASE check out the trailer and campaign page of my project, I STARTE THE FIRE, a film about inner conflict and transition in the life of a young woman coming to terms with her relationship with fire. 

This project is a culmination of the past three years I have spent working incredibly hard to hone my craft of filmmaking and visual art. I am beyond excited to make this project a reailty and to show it off to the world. I NEED YOUR HELP! Please donate, reblog, or share on other social media platforms! 

AND Send me any cool thoughts or related images, clips, films, writing, etc. that you think might be related to my project.